Camping Valkanela, 52450 Vrsar, Croatia

+48 500 580 132

+385 916 189 622


Important information

  • Our diving center is located on Valkanela tourist camp. All of our guests can enter the camp free of charge. During your stay you have to abide by the rules of the camp.
  • Opening hours of our center: from April to September – 9 to 18. We work 7 days a week. From October to March we determine our working hours individually.
  • In Croatia we pay in EURO
  • In our diving school we are teaching according to PADI standards.
  • Every participant of intro diving or diving course has to fill out the medical form.

In case you marked yes! on the form it is necessary to consult with a doctor and bring a certificate allowing you take part in diving.

  • All people diving with our diving center are obliged to fill out a form about taking the risks connected with diving, as well as, the release of liability.
  • All dives in our center are performed and directed according to the qualifications of the participants. Don’t forget your diving certificate and a logbook!
  • While diving we respect the underwater wildlife and we don’t take any living organisms, shells or stones…

But clearing sea floor from the garbage would be much appreciated 🙂