Camping Valkanela, 52450 Vrsar, Croatia

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+385 916 189 622


Price List

The price of diving includes an air tank and lead.
Diving from the coast of Valkanela15,00
Night diving from the coast35,00
Single boat diving
Saline, Koversada, La Longa, Tuffo, Eufemia, Gljive, Mramori, Banjole, Sv. Ivan, Piruzi, Sturag, Figarola
Night boat diving60,00
Wreck diving65,00
Diving guide for a pair of people25,00
Guest – a person on a boat who isn’t diving 15,00
Check dive 50,00
Scuba review160,00
Intro diving85,00
Intro boat diving120,00

All dives in our center are performed and directed according to the qualifications of the participants.

In our diving center we prefer recreational diving without decompression to a maximum depth of 40m, and during the time not exceeding 60 minutes. We are happy to work with technical divers. In case of organized groups of technical divers, please contact us so we could create a diving plan. With technical diving we add 25% to the diving price list.

Discounts and bundles

Diving bundles for groups over 6 people are arranged individually. Please contact us via e-mail: or through contact form on our website.

Rent of Equipment

Full equipment40,00
Suit/BCD/regulator/flashlight/ ABC/ Gloves/ Hood/ Dive computer8,00
Weight belt3,00
Air tank5,00
Air tank filling, price for one liter0,80 / L
Nitrox up to 32% per tank9,00
Nitrox 33% to 36% per tank10,00
Nitrox above 36% 2,00 / L

PADI Diving Courses

Included in the price: certificate, book, rent of equipment.EUR
Intro diving – around 2 hours85,00
Scuba Diver, around 2 days315,00
Open Water Diver , 3 – 4 days550,00
Upgrade Scuba Diver do Open Water Diver , around 2 days300,00
Advance Open Water Diver, 5 dives450,00
Advance Open Water Diver, 5 dives (with your equipment)400,00
EFR – Emergency First Response 200,00
Rescue Diver , 3 – 4 days (with your equipment)510,00
Divemaster (with your equipment)1000,00
Deep Diver380,00
Wreck Diver380,00
Peak Performance200,00
Underwater Navigator250,00
Night Diver300,00

Attractions for non-divers

Intro diving 85,00
Intro boat diving120,00
Participation in a diving expedition15,00
Boat trips ( Dolphins safari, Sunset, Limski Fjord)25,00
Boat trips Rovinj/Porec40,00